About URBAN ACT Academy

Us Reaching, Benefitting, Aiding & Nurturing A Community Together

A tuition-free public charter school in the heart of Indianapolis, URBAN ACT Academy helps students in grades K through 8 succeed. Our distinctive approach combines personalized learning, a place-based approach, and an empowered and engaged community of faculty, staff, and families.

Our Founder and Leader

URBAN ACT Academy is the vision of Nigena Livingston, a 2016 Mind Trust Innovation School Fellow with 15 years’ experience as an educator and school leader.

Nigena was the founding principal at Jacksonville Lighthouse Community School in Jacksonville, Arkansas, and principal at University Prep Middle School in Detroit. The latter was recognized as one of Detroit’s top elementary and middle schools, as well as a two-time “Beating the Odds” school—a distinction awarded to schools whose academic achievement exceeds expectations based on demographic characteristics.

Most recently, Ms. Livingston served as pre-service training director and lead effectiveness coach in Detroit for TNTP, a nonprofit working to address educational inequality by providing excellent teachers to socially and economically disadvantaged students.

Our Mission

URBAN ACT Academy's mission is to develop and empower students as leaders, globally competitive scholars and informed citizens.

Our Vision

URBAN ACT Academy envisions stronger communities shaped by the critical thinking, problem solving, and caring leadership of our future scholars who use their knowledge, voices, and talents to make positive contributions.

Our Values

URBAN ACT Academy expects every member of our school community to exemplify the I LEAD values in everything they do:

I – Intentionality: Purposeful and thoughtful actions are our drivers.
L – Loyalty: We support each other and remain faithful to our obligations.
E – Equity: We advocate for all voices to ensure that everyone has what they need for success.
A – Achievement: We are striving for excellence.
D – Determination: We will do whatever it takes.