The World Your Kids Make

Begins with the Education They Receive Today

URBAN ACT Academy helps your student learn the skills and knowledge he or she needs for the future by exploring the world we live in today. Our promise to families is to engage students and families throughout our community and to inspire successful citizen scholars who realize the importance of giving back.

We Value Individuality and Community

Each child learns a bit differently, and understanding existing skills and individual learning style is essential in making the best use of the school day. At the same time, individual achievement is just one factor in a student’s future success. The ability to work with and get along with others matters, too.

That’s why we work to provide the best possible education at every level of our academy community:

Learning That’s Tailored to Your Child

A combination of personalized learning and targeted instruction helps us understand what each student knows— and needs to know—and how he or she learns best. A personalized learning plan, created with teacher and family input, ensures we stay on track.

Passionate Teachers and Staff

Our highly qualified teachers and staff care about making a difference in the lives of students—as well as their families and communities. Our teachers are makers, creators, communicators, and innovators who pass their excitement and expertise on to our students.

A Caring Community

We use a restorative school community framework to build a culture of values shared between our students, their families, our staff, and those around us. We strive to exemplify our core I LEAD values in all we do.

We Start with the World Around Us

Our place-based approach to education means students learn by questioning the world they see every day. Learn more about place-based learning or follow an URBAN ACT student through a typical school day.


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Early release days and times (SY 2018-19):

The third Thursday of each month we will dismiss early at 12:30 PM.

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September 20th
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