URBAN ACT Academy | Place-Based Learning in Indianapolis

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Welcome to URBAN ACT Academy

Place-based learning for Indianapolis students in grades K through 8.

What can we offer your student? Passionate teachers and staff, learning that’s tailored to your child, and the power of a caring community. URBAN ACT is transforming education—and the world—one student at a time. Learn More



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Want to put your passion for teaching into action, and make the world that much better while you’re at it? We’re enthusiastic teachers and staff who want to make a difference for Indianapolis students, their families, and their communities. And we’re empowered by a place-based curriculum that prepares students as leaders and develops globally competitive scholars and informed citizens.




The World Is Our Classroom

Our students get the knowledge and skills they need through our place-based approach. They’re outside the classroom on a regular basis, answering questions and pursuing hands-on investigations—in the world outside our doors. Learn More

Start your URBAN ACT experience in Fall 2018.